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Sunday, May 6, 2012

En Avant!

We end as we began...with the genius of Tennessee Williams onstage at SCTC.  I am extremely torn at this moment.  I am elated to end with a sold out house and having over 600 people see our "Night of the Iguana" at the end our our entire season honoring him but also sad that this season of his work has ended.  At our closing party I was presented with my signed, framed poster from the cast [my favorite moment as producer] but this frame also had a rose taped to it. A rose that our Stage Manager, Ashley Chambers, secretly had onstage hidden during each show of the season. A rose to let us all never forget Tenn's beloved sister whom so much of his work and life were dedicated.  I almost cried on the spot. And..if that wasn't enough..thanks to my friend and our "Nonno" Tom Juarez...the cast presented me with an autographed, hardcover copy of his book "Memoirs".  When I thanked Tom for his incredible generosity, he said that I "needed" to have it. The emotion that is welling up inside of me is rich and deep...and I have an incredible cast and crew of SCTC family to thank.  I titled this entry into my blog "En Avant!"...the term Tenn ended his correspondence with...roughly..."to the future"..and I now need to end with it.  Because Tennessee Williams is eternal...and his gift to all of us is the characters and plays he left us with. we began...we now end this season.  But...we will always celebrate the true gift we were given the day Thomas Lanier Williams was born. En Avant!

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